What we learned in the 1st semester

Chapters from The Mystery of Redemption & from The Church

Chapters From The Mystery of Redemption & From The Church

~The Mystery of Redemption~

Chapter 1- The Original State of Man; Original Sin and its consequences

Chapter 3- The Word Became Flesh

Chapter 4- The Paschal Mystery

Chapter 6- The Theological virtues

Chapter 7- Payer: How We Communicate With God

~The Church~

Chapter 5- The Four Marks of The Church

Chapter 7- The Last Things (Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Parousia)

The Original State of Man; Original Sin and its Consequences

God created our first parents to share in his love and friendship. He gave them preternatural virtues and his supernatural grace. Before the Fall Adam and Eve had a clear awareness of God's presence and enjoyed a profound and loving relationship with him. Adam and Eve sinned by eating the fruit from the forbidden tree.

The Consequences of Original Sin were immediate. Adam and Eve lost their holiness and their friendship with God. Now the human intellect is clouded and incapable of fully understanding God's Laws.

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The Word Became Flesh

Why the Word Became Flesh

* to make expiation for sins, reconcile man with God, and restore human nature lost by sin

* to manifest the infinite depth of God's love

* to offer a model of holiness

* to allow people to share in his divine life

What does it really mean "The Word Became Flesh"?

It means that God created a son to save the people and His name was Jesus and He is God and God is Jesus, and Jesus died for our sins.

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Paschal Mystery

The Paschal Mystery is the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Paschal Mystery cannot be understood outside the First Passover. Christs Passion, Death, and Resurrection is man's redemption. Christ offered Himself to His heavenly Father to save all people and sanctify them.
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The Theological Virtues

There are three Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope, and Charity.

FAITH: elevates the natural intellect and moves the will so a person can assent to the truths supernaturally revealed by God and put those truth into practice.

HOPE: gives the mind and will the power to trust God will give all the means necessary to achieve everlasting life

CHARITY: enables a person to love God above all things and his neighbor as him/herself with the love of Christ

LOVE: God calls us to love evreyone just as he loves us

All these Virtues help people be more Christ like.

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Prayer: How We Communicate With God

Friendship and union with God rests on communication through personal prayer and the sacramental life. Prayer is an inner communion or conversation with God. Through prayer we can strengthen our relationship with God and grow closer to him. There are many different forms of prayer.
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The Four Marks of The Church

The one Church established by Christ is on heaven and earth. Christians have identified four characteristics called marks that make up the Church. The four marks are that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic and these characteristics help separate the church from other churches.

The Church is One: The Church is unique and there are no others like it. Just as we believe there is one God and not multiple we believe that Jesus made one Church and not multiple.

The Church is Holy: The Church receives her holiness from Christ through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Christ sanctifies the church and fills her with his grace so much that she becomes sanctifying herself.

The Church is Catholic: The word "Catholic" means universal which is exactly what Jesus wants for us. He wants everyone to participate in His Church and grow in their faith while praising God.

The Church is Apostolic: This mark mainly relates to Christ's choice of having Twelve Apostles. The Church is called Apostolic because she is founded on the Apostles on a threefold sense.

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The Last Things

The Last Things are Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Parousia. Death is an end to human life. Judgement is where moments after your death you are judged by God to go to either Heaven or Hell. Hell is complete separation from God for all eternity. Before you can go to Heaven if you have sins that are not forgiven you go to Purgatory which is like a cleansing state so you are pure once you enter the Kingdom of God. Heaven is a state of being completely happy and being in the presence of God in total unity. The Parousia is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ where everyone is judged and immediately either sent to hell or Heaven.
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