Come to Stockholm Sweden!

By: Kennedy Jones

come visit Stockholm!


Physical characteristics

In Stockholm, there is a humid climate, severe winters, warm summers, but no dry seasons. Stockholm spreads out over 14 islands in lake Malaren and looks over the Baltic sea. In stockholm, there is the historical ruins of of castle of three crowns and the tower of Birger Jarl.

Human characteristics

In stockholm, the schools are well funded and high quality, it is common for a person to return thanks if they are thanked, and the people there often seek to repay debts of gratitude.


Absolute Location

59 19'N, 18 3'E

Relative location

east of Norway, west of Finnland, north of Germany, north of Polland


Northern Sweden, Lapland, East middle Sweden, middle Norrland, Upper Norrland, Smaland, west Sweden, and south Sweden

Interesting facts

  • Famous game designer, Markus Persson, was born in Stockholm Sweden
  • stockholm's globe arena is currently the largest hemispherical building in the world
  • stockholm is the second most visited city in the Nordic countries
  • stockholm is built on 14 islands
  • stockholm is known as the world's smallest biggest city
  • During the second half of June, it barely ever gets dark due to the midnight sun

Pollution in stockholm

  • Air pollution/ 7.81%
  • Drinking water pollution and inaccessibility/ 3.57%
  • Dirty and untidy/ 16.96%
  • dissatisfaction with garbage disposal/ 9.47%
  • noise and light pollution/ 24.04%
  • water pollution/ 10.71%
  • dissatisfaction to spend time in the city/ 6.67%
  • dissatisfaction with green and parks in the city/ 10.71%

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