Maori Culture

By: Presley Shemelia and Kayla Reinert

Maori People Today

  • The Maori people group take up 15% of New Zealand's population.
  • 84% live in Urban areas, and 16% in rural areas.
  • There are over 70,000 Maori people in Australia and 10,000 in Britain.
  • The Maori language is an official language of New Zealand.

Maori War

  • The Maori wars were also called the New Zealand wars or the land wars.
  • They fought over possesions, and food, but the fight was mainly over their land.
  • The Maori people had a traditional war dance that they did to intimidate their enemy.
  • They mainly used muskets to fight these wars!
All Blacks - Haka - Ka Mate 1080p

Maori Religion

  • During the late 1820s, the Maori people changed their moral practices, religious lives, and political thinking as they made Christianity their own.
  • Many Maori Christians took their new faith seriously and practiced their faith in distinctively Maori ways.
  • Some of the prophetic Maori religious movements were developed with a strong focus on withstanding the loss of Maori land.
  • After taking large areas of land, the secular colonial state sometimes punished Maori religious movements that posed a symbolic or practical threat.

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