Flight Attendant

By: Sofia Hazlett

Job Description

A description of this job is to assist passengers on a commercial fight.

Travel, Advantages, Dangers

If you are a flight attendant you will fly wherever your airplane goes. Some advantages about being a flight attendant is that your job is never boring. The scenery changes all the time and your office is 35,000 feet into the air. You get to travel to all different places without paying a fee. But, just like every job, there are disadvantages. Sometimes the hours go into the night and you dont get much sleep. You also have to deal with people that don't cooperate.


Airlines require that a flight attendent recieve their high school diploma and favor ones that have degrees in customer service skills. They should be educated in CPR and other rescue techniques.


Some universities that train people in this career are Liberty University in Virginia and John Hopkins University in Maryland. These colleges have great programs that will teach you what you need to know when you are up in the air.


Base entry salary for flight attendent is $65,599.