MASD Health & Safety Update

July 7, 2021

Our Wildcat Community,

As our summer progresses into July, I hope this update finds you and your family well. We continue to plan for the 2021-22 school year with excitement and anticipation.

Within our preparations for the fall, we remain steadfast to our commitment in providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, staff, and families. Part of our planning for this goal includes updating our Health and Safety Plan, originally developed last summer.

This Health and Safety Plan includes a number of components and you can view the entirety of the plan by following the link below. If you require a translatable version of the full plan, please contact the District Office at 717-691-4500.

At the core of our plan lies a foundation of collaborating with officials at the Federal, State, and Local levels. Flexibility exists within the plan to adapt to changing public health conditions based on the guidance of not only the CDC, PA Department of Health, and PA Department of Education, but particularly the recommendations of our local health partners at both UPMC and Penn State Hershey.

The best news for all of us is that locally, our pandemic-related health conditions remain excellent at this time. In consultation with our local doctor panel, we lifted several mitigation requirements this summer and our community continues to benefit from outstanding programming in healthy environments. The sections following my signature represent a snapshot of our intentions for opening the 2021-22 school year based on these trending local health conditions. We will of course continue to keep you updated with any changes as the summer progresses.

Finally, as your family plans for the fall, please let us know as soon as possible of any changes to your intentions for enrollment. We will assume that any student who attended our Mechanicsburg CAOLA (full cyber) program in 20-21 will return to a full in-person schedule this fall unless we hear from you otherwise. If you intend to enroll in MASD CAOLA during 21-22, please notify our district registrar, Angie Weber as soon as possible (717-691-3431).

I wish you well as your summer continues and thank you for your support to our greater school community!

Take Care Wildcats!

Dr. Mark K. Leidy


Health & Safety Snapshot

Below represents our intentions for opening the 2021-22 school year based on current local health conditions and standards of care.


We intend to open school in the fall with masks optional for all stakeholders (staff, students, visitors).

Physical Distancing

We intend to open school in the fall in a 5 days per week instructional model with traditional class sizes.


The pandemic provided a renewed vigilance to the importance of hygiene for maintaining healthy school communities. We intend to maintain this vigilance through continued use of hygiene practices for students and staff.

Health Monitoring

Maintaining our strong local health conditions will depend greatly on the continued vigilance of all stakeholders to their personal well-being. We will continue to encourage daily health monitoring and symptom checks to ensure that individuals with illness remain at home.

Community Vaccination Efforts

We will continue to provide updates to our school community regarding the eligibility and availability of vaccines as a tool to combat the spread of COVID-19.