Character Profiles

Tapping into the Minds of the Characters

Interactive Facebook Character Profile Pages

With this project, students will be using a designated novel that they read in their 8th grade English class and creating a Facebook profile around a main character of their choosing.

Pre-Project Notions

Before assigning the project, the students first must read the book! The teacher should still go over all the symbolism and plots and characters like they normally would in any other novel break down.


The Profile

Once the novel has been read and broken down, the teacher will have the students choose a main character that they want to portray in a modern technology medium: Facebook. They will be posting the way that their character would seem to post things in both speech and mannerisms and personalities. The students will need to cite from the book the reasons for whatever they post.

The Scene

Along with this profile project will be a movie project embedded into it. The students will choose a scene that involves their character that they chose to create the Facebook profile for and act it out using a regular camera video feature or an app such as iMovie. Once they have recorded the scene of their choosing, they then will upload it to their facebook profile and explain their interpretation of what's going on.
This project should go on for a minimum length of time at a week but can go on longer than that depending on how long the teacher wants to spend on the novel and project. Let the students have fun with it!