Tim Berners Lee

By Joe Wakefield

His Life Infomation

Tim was born on the 8th june 1955,and he was born in london.He invented the WWW in 1989.He started getting into computers from a young age,because at school he learnt about eletronics from tinkering with a model railway,and thats how he first got into eletronics.The impact of the internet is that,childern can learn over the internet,people can promote their business's over the internet ,by making a website, and much more.Tim now works at SERN,and therethey try and make new smaller part for computers.Tim is now on twitter, and you can find him by typing (Tim berners lee on twitter) and then you can follow him and see what he is talking about.Tim was also involved in the olympics, and his message was that the world wide web is for everyone.

Information Pioneers: Sir Tim Berners-Lee