Weekly Team Update

Southern Accents | Mon 12/1 - Sun 12/7

Keep that momentum!

Whoa...what an incredible month November was! My head is still spinning from the number of promotions we had on the Southern Charms team, let alone company-wide! Our own Southern Accents team sold nearly $20k in retail, and many of you experienced your BEST months to date!

So now we're at the BIGGEST selling point of the year...the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Most people haven't even started shopping (hello, me!) That's where YOU come in. This time of year, it's not just about trunk shows...it's about offering personal service to each and every person you know. EVERYONE is looking to buy gifts, and you're just making it easy for them! Offer personal styling for customers, reach out to all the men you know and suggest some great gift ideas, hold a pop-up shopping event at a salon or your own home with two times for people to come shop, put flyers and look books everywhere you go, post gift ideas on social media and tag your friends. And don't forget Dot Dollars! Your customers are going to love getting paid to shop! There truly is NO wrong way to work your business this month, so don't think about it...just do it!

If you missed tonight's team call with Director, Lisa Tyler, check out the recording for more fantastic ideas to maximize December!
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Julie Smith is a Senior Stylist!

It is truly an honor to have Julie as a Senior Stylist on our team. She is always consistent with her trunk show business and sales, and knows what to focus on to stay successful. I love her passion for this business, and her self determination. Navigating bumps in the road like a pro, she always looks to the next big thing and displays pure resilience. All the while, she manages the busy schedules of her three small children and hubby with true grace. Welcome to leadership, Julie. It looks good on you, girl!

Top in Sales (November 2014)

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Top in Sales (Month to Date)

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Welcome to the team!

Melissa DiFato

An official welcome to Melissa DiFato from Haymarket, VA. This super sweet lady fell in love with the products online, and decided to jump right in so she could have it all! I couldn't be happier to have her join our team, especially at this wonderful time of year! Welcome to our team, Melissa! We're all here to help!

maximize your december

Let's be an Associate Director Team!

Why I want to promote:

Coaching a team of fabulous ladies is my absolutely favorite thing about this business. If I promote to Associate Director, I will have the opportunity to attend Director's Retreat in January, where I'll be able to bring home more tips and training to help you maximize YOUR business. I so love learning from other people, and sharing ideas to make our lives easier, more lucrative and more successful. I'd be so honored to get there, but to do so, I need your help. In December, we need the following requirements:

$25,000 GQV
(4) Qualified Legs

(1) Associate Stylist Leg
(1) Star Stylist

Last Month to Dive In!

Want to be in the Profit Sharing Pool for our new sister companies launching next year? KEEP Collective is still in Beta testing phase (meaning it hasn't officially launched, yet) and just passed the $1million mark in just 2 months! Can you imagine where that family brands pool will be a year from now? If you promote to Star by December 31st, you will earn a percentage of the profits from these new companies for the first two years of their debut. Who's intrigued?

- $2,300 PQV (personal qualifying retail)
- (4) Qualified Stylist legs (one being Associate Stylist leg)
- $12,500 GQV (group qualifying retail)


Home Office Training Calls

30-minute calls almost every day of the week, including a webinar for Prospective Stylists every Thursday! Choose which ones work for you and hop on!
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Join me for an observation show!

Friday 12/5 - Aldie, VA
Saturday 12/6 - Aldie, VA
Wednesday 12/10 - Brambleton, VA
Sunday 12/12 - Charles Town, West Virginia
Week of 12/15 - Pop Up Shop Brambleton, VA

I'm here for you! Contact me anytime!

Annie Brinker, Star Stylist