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This is going to be a PHENOMENAL Year!

The buzz by staff for the last few days has been with both nervousness and excitement! Yesterday, the students were just as nervous and excited as they returned, reuniting with friends and meeting their new teachers. Parents expressed even more excitement to see their children return to school and start their next chapter at Emery!

Many thanks to all of you for:

  • Greeting everyone with a smile
  • Making sure the learning spaces are sparkly clean and inviting
  • Helping families to complete enrollment
  • Providing free breakfast and lunch for all
  • Providing recess games and supervision
  • Assisting with technology
  • Creating spaces to build community, set expectations and learn about our students
  • And, many more special things...

We could not have asked for a better school opening! THANK YOU!

As we prepare for this year, I wanted to follow up with a few resources connected to our PD with Partners in School Innovation:

  • We watched a video and briefly discussed Brene Brown's book, "Dare to Lead." The author also has resources called "Daring Classrooms" that include videos and lesson plans that may be of interest.
  • We shared that the entire staff (TK-12) will meet once a month on Wednesdays to increase coherence and articulation as a district. Also, there will be an extended opportunity for staff to deepen practices that will support our collective vision towards inclusion and academic excellence. Please sign up!

Additional information is provided below.


Overall, I am proud of the incredible collaborative learning environment we continue to create for all stakeholders. Without a doubt, our staff, students and families are remarkable and I can't wait to see what lies ahead!

Below are a few pictures from our first week together...Joyful!

Snack and Chat with Dr. Scott

I believe in an "open-door" policy. Please stop by the district office to share ideas, ask questions and/or just to get to know each other better. If I am not in the office, please leave a note and I will follow up with you.

Also, feel free to share your ideas when you see me on campus. I look forward to the interaction!

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