S'more Great News

Ms. Kenney's Class

Data Binders

Tracking progress is a really important part of learning. I believe that it isn't just important for me to know how students are progressing, but also that the students know this information. This week and last students recorded his/her spelling test scores in the data binder. They made a goal for themselves for the next test as well. Students get very excited to use the data binders! I do too!

Word Study

This week we began our Words Their Way program. This program is designed to teach and reinforce word patterns. Each day we do a different activity with the word sorts (which are specifically chosen for each child based on his/her need). We will continue to use word study throughout the year.


A very social part of the day for students! I thought I would include some pictures of students during this time of the day. I have been reinforcing in class what a good classmate looks like, sounds like, etc. On the playground I have seen such excellent classmates. Our community in Room 118 is really getting to be close knit.
Big image
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Close Reading

We had a special delivery yesterday...our first issue of National Geographic Explorer. Students were beyond thrilled to read the first issue which was about raptors and super volcanoes. After some time of perusing, we did a close read on the Northern Harriers. A close read is taking an in depth look at one specific, brief text and reading it carefully for interpretation and meaning. You could say we read the text with a fine tooth comb. We are looking forward to doing the same about super volcanoes.

~Ms. Kenney