Whites in America are Oblivious

By Scott Brownirgg

Most white people in America are completely oblivious.

In this five page article written by Tim Wise he talks about in depth how almost all white people in our country are completely oblivious to the truth of how most black people are treated on a daily basis. The struggles and constant judgement they are subjected to every time they are in public.

This eruption of talk of racism specifically in the police department was brought about by the non guilt verdict of the Ferguson case where Darren Wilson was free of charges for killing and unarmed Mike Brown. People, mostly black, are outraged by this verdict resulting in riots across the country. In his article Tim Wise brings light to the fact that this kind of treatment towards blacks occurs everyday and where it started and why it continues to happen and how we can stop it.

Since African Americans were first enslaved by whites they have been thought of as lesser, weaker, and dumber. Although they now have rights to this day most of them still receive lesser treatment than say a white person in the same situation. Less job opportunities, higher costs, and constant assumptions purely based on their skin color. Back when blacks were still slaves and even after they received they're rights they would sometimes be killed by the hundreds. Worst of all is that half the African American killings back then were committed by police officers. It is clear that this treatment has carried over into our generation. There are thousands of reports of officers mistreating or abusing black individuals on no basis but purely because they look like trouble. The Ferguson case was the perfect example of this. Mike Brown was seen stealing a pack of cigars, officer Wilson was sent to arrest him which he deserved but we all know the end result of Micheal Browns death. Did he deserve to die because he stole a few cigars? Shockingly many white people in this country would answer yes and stand by and remain opinionless.

Everyone knows the American dream. We all know the America we strive to be every day where everyone is equal, there's no poverty, no abuse, no crime. Now although we are far from it we would be surprised how much of this could be achieved if we treated blacks as equals. Until we truly strive to achieve this aspiration all America this treatment will continue. The only thing standing in the way of this perfect America, is ourselves.

Broader Issues

A wide array of broader and bigger issues were brought up in this article. All of these add to the continuing problem of non equal treatment for African Americans. They received less job and education opportunities than say a white person in the same situation. They are assumed to be stupider and in general less of a person and are often times treated as if they aren't people but just objects that don't belong here. This is most apparent when it comes to the police. Time after time as we saw in the Ferguson case police officers presume a black individual to be dangerous and a threat and with none or little reasonable cause shoot them often times resulting in death. This happens to adults and even kids simply because of their skin color. We strive for equality in America and yet we allow these types of things to happen every day and nobody is doing anything to stop it. Only we as a country can stop this and once we truly realize how unfairly we treat blacks can we then fix this problem.
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From Another Perspective

Obviously I can not fully understand what Black people go through every day because I am not black. But by learning about empathy I can put myself in their shoes. I can imagine losing my friends and family for reasons that could easily be prevented and people constantly treating me every day as a lesser human being. Worrying about my friends and family every time they go out into public because some police officer might perceive them as a threat and kill them just because he discriminated and thought they were dangerous. Even imagining this kind of treatment and constant abuse is unbearable and something nobody should have to go through every day. If we all try to look at their situations from their point of view maybe everyone can finally understand they have the same rights as us and deserve the same treatment.