The Space Race Events

and their effects on the cold war

Launching of Sputnik

When the Russians launched sputnik, the US started to panic. They knew they needed a big accomplishment to combat the Russians. This was a race for better technology. Each and every milestone that both countries achieved made tensions worse in each country.

Apollo Missions

Up until the moon landing, each and every Apollo mission was a catastrophe. Not to mention that as more time passed, the Russians had the opportunity to beat the US once again. The Apollo missions all had hope but ended up failing in the end.

Moon Landing

The moon landing was the stamp on the end of the space race for the US. They had reached the moon and had beaten the Russians to it. That was the end of the space race but not the cold war. This affected the cold war in a negative way right after, but a positive way in the future. The Russians were aggravated right after and were still threatening with missiles, but this also helped develop new technology for the future
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Overall Conflict

The US vs the Russians in the space race affected the cold war by escalating the threats and seriousness of the situation. It was not a literal fight/battle but it was as close as it gets to one.
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