Blu Cru Notes

Week of January 19, 2015


Welcome to the middle of the school year. With the 1st semester behind us, we turn our attention to the end of the school year. By this time you have a strong understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the students in your classes. You know who understands the materials you've taught thus far, as well as, the students who are struggling. Now is a good time to group your students by advanced, proficient, or below proficient, in order to focus on the direct needs of each group. This will add value when you're going group work, calling on students to participate or offering additional support after class.

We will continue our teacher visits to classrooms this Wednesday. I will send you an email if you are the traveling teacher.

Student Schedules

Reminder: If you have a first hour planning period, please help hand out student schedules.
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Dates to Remember

Tuesday - January 20 - Staff Meeting @3:10 in Library

Wednesday, January 21 - PLC @ 3:15 in Mrs. Jacobs room

Next Week:

Student Assembly on Tuesday

NAEP Testing Wednesday/Thursday - 8th&12th grades

Friday - Early Release- PD - Data Presentations/Book Study