The Roar

By: Makinley K.

Who was Emma Clayton?

Emma Clayton was born on June 11, 1968. She was a British children’s author. Emma’s father was a Royal Air Force Officer, so as a child her and her family moved a lot. The Roar was published January of 2008. The Roar was set in a dystopian society in the future, and was also nominated for the Carnegie Medal in 2009.

While in school, Emma was interested in the Arts. But however she dropped out of school at the age of 16 because she did not want an original career path. But then she returned to school in her mid-twenties, and then wrote her first novel when she was 26, which was right after the birth of her first child.


Mika is a 12 year old boy that lives with his parents in London. He believes that his twin sister is dead, but his instincts tell him that is not true. He is, brave, and has mind powers. When he meets with Mal Gorman to find out the secret he is being very brave and confident. One of his mind powers that he used was that he was able to move things with his eyes. He always seems to have good instincts, vivid dreams, which helps him throughout the book.

Ellie is a 12 year old girl that was kidnapped when she was very young. She has the power to hurt others with her mind- telepathy. Ellie is smart, resourceful, and she loves animals. She is helpful in the story when she steals the police pod at the end of the book, with Mika. Ellie's goal in the story is to reunite with her family.


The book starts when Ellie and her monkey, Puck are flying a pod over the Atlantic Ocean. She is trying to escape her kidnapper, Mal Gorman, that had her captive at his Space Station. Mal kidnapped her because she has special powers. Ellie makes a mistake somehow and ends up crashing into a floodplain called The Thames. She starts to sink, but Mal and his guards come to her "rescue" with a tow boat and pull her out. They then take her back to the Space Station. The story switches to Ellie's twin brother, Mika, which is on his way to the hospital because he feels like his throat is closing. He and his family have been told by the authorities that Ellie is dead. Mika doesn't believe them. He thinks that the Fit Mix is a poison given out by the government. He gets in trouble by the school because he won't drink the mix, so he goes home punished while his therapist comes over to convince him to drink it and do what the government says to do. As he continues through the different stages of the competition, he makes many new friends. Mika wins a prize in the competition and goes on a vacation with his mom, dad and other contestants in the games. While he is away, he has his dreams and thoughts read by a scientist. He passes this part of the test and moves to the next stage. While he is at Cape Wrath he has to go through more vigorous tests using his powers- mind powers. He then goes to Mal Gorman to find out how he can talk to her. When he finished, Mika went home to his new Golden Turrent house and he didn't tell anyone the "secret" like Mal Gorman said. There is much more to this story but you know. I don't want to give away the ending. It’s way TOO good!


The Roar is set in London, about 50 years into the future, and "The Plague" has devastated the Earth. The population of the Earth has been forced into a confined area of Europe (London) where "socioeconomic differences are heightened due to the lack of resources." The last survivors of the human race build The Wall, stretching the entire Earth. The humans occupy the Northern Hemisphere, while the Southern hemisphere is left empty.

Themes Found in This Book

Bravery: ‘’If you can dream it, you can do it’’ – Walt Disney

Family: Don’t give up, and keep moving on.