Foreseegame APP

Now Winning Is On Your Fingertip

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Winning Was Never So Easy

You need not to pay anything.

Just play exciting games and win prizes every day! Play for free!

Looking for some discount from your favourite brands? Install Foreseegame, a FREE app that lets you grab hundreds of exciting prizes, including discount coupons, reward vouchers, gift hampers and big rewards. Play free games on foreseegame and win free prizes every day!

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Enjoy The New Features

The features of foreseegame app are simple enough to get you hooked to it. Even if you are not much into the nitty-gritties of mobile apps, you will find it super easy to play games and win prizes. Play yourself, invite your friends and foreseegame app will be your favourite hangout joint forever.
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Play Prediction Games

Predict the outcome of upcoming cricket/football match, guess who would win in the popular reality shows, forecast next day's temperature. If your prophecy turns out correct, you can win discount coupons, gift hampers, and big rewards. The gameplay experience is so gripping that you will be glued to your seat while playing
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APP Special Games Only For App Users

As the name suggests, these games are specially made for the Foreseegame mobile app and you won't get it over the desktop version. All the more reason to stay hooked!
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It will Have Other Great Category Of Games Too

Opinion Square: Voice your view on pressing issues. If you are among the majority, bingo!

Treasure Hunt: Think you are a James Bond in making? Find out the correct answer from a given heap of information and win big rewards and prizes.

Quicker: Polish up your knowledge, answer quickly and keep on winning. It's that easy on Quicker.

Redemption Offers: Missed the chance to win? Doesn't matter as you keep on gathering

Reward points. Accumulate reward points and redeem later for some brilliant offers from fabulous brands.

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It Is Fast, It is Awesome

Foreseegame app is a storehouse of other exciting contests that helps you sharpen your intelligence and brings out the creative side in you while providing an ample chance to win loads of fabulous prizes and big rewards.