Ms. Emily's Big Vision and Goals

2013-2014 School Year

Vision for Classroom Culture

“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” Maria Montessori

Warmth and Positivity

Exploration and Creativity

Excitement and Persistence

What this will look like: The classroom will be organized in a manner that is inviting to children and families. Each center will be inviting and it will be clear what children can explore there and what they can do. Children will explore in centers independently and will know/understand how to constructively engage with centers without needing extensive teacher direction. Teacher's Language will most often include positive, provoking questions such as, "what do you think?" and "What can we create with these materials?" What do you think will happen if..." etc. It will also include specific and honest praise for each child as they learn and grow, such as, "I like the way you tried again and never gave up! You did a fantastic job" and "That was a really creative way to do that. I am proud of you." Student's Language include language that indicated positive approaches to learning such as "I have an idea of how we can use that" or "I did it!" "I decided to work on this today because I.." "It didn't work yet, but I am going to try.."

How: Teacher will put dedicated time into planning the classroom environment and each center for every unit during the school year. As the teacher establishes routines in centers and other activities she will exemplify positive language and encourage each student to explore and create and praise their efforts. Students will begin to feel safe. Teacher will encourage students to share ideas with other students, the other teacher staff and their families. Teacher will model an attitude of exploration and positivity through each activity, as though she too is discovering things for the first time.