home of the future

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My Home

This is my home for the future. It is an Eco-friendly house that has many good features that keep it a sustainable and healthy place to live.

Solar Panels

My house produces energy from solar panels. They are renewable, they don't pollute the air. Even thought it maybe a little expensive to install them you get heating for free afterward. Also any extra energy produced during the day can be stored to use the following day. They are very sustainable for the future, it's a renewable energy source therefore we won't run out and have a lot for the future.

Walls and Roof

The walls are made of straw and bale wood. This a cost less product but you always have to take care of it, paint it every 5 years so it can stay in good shape.

The roof is made of slate. Slate will last you a very long time and once it gets worn out you can recycle it. Also the inside of the roof is lined with a wool insulator to keep the house warmer.

Window glass and Window frame

The window frame is made out of soft wood. Soft wood lasts for a long time and keeps heat from escaping, it is made of timber so it's easy to repair and can be recycled.

The glass for the windows is double glazed. It is not to expensive, is a great insulator and retains heat.


To help with the heating of the house and water I have a geothermal system. It is a renewable source and doesn't pollute the air.

Inside of my Home

In my house I have wooden floor. Wooden floors last longer then concrete, the timber used can be replaced easily and it breathes better making it last longer and keeping the wood and us healthy.

I use LED light bulbs the are very efficient and don't use to much energy which makes them last longer.A few appliances I have in my home are the fridge which helps keep my food fresher. Without it all the food would go to waste creating lots of garbage. I have a microwave, that lets me warm my food up instead of using the oven which takes longer and wastes more energy. Last I have a toaster oven which lets me cook small portions of foods instead of using the oven which uses more energy. Now all these appliances have to have the energy star on them which mean they save more energy then other appliances.

Items from space

I have 2 items in my home that have been developed because of space exploration. The first on is a filter, the astronauts that went on missions need filtered water so they found a way to make one and now its used everywhere. Another thing is the ear thermometer that tells you if you are getting sick, they invented this by technology they used to monitor the temperature of the stars.

Chemicals in my Home

I have a few chemicals in my home, some are laundry detergent, air fresheners and toilette cleaners.

TIDE PODS-Na-sodium

p-11 ELP-11-2

e-11 9-8 2,8,1

n-23-11=12 1

Sodium is an alkali metal in group 1.

Outside my Home

My house is located in the temperate deciduous forest. There are many deciduous trees and lots of flowers like rose's, tulips and lily's. All these plants require warm weather for them to last longer. Also I have a garden. In my garden I plant strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes and corn. All these plants require warm weather and a long growing season so they can grow to there fullest. To help with the growing of my plants I use natural fertilizer, plant and animal wast no pesticides.

Mode of Transportation

To travel around my neighborhood and get the essentials I need, I use a bike. A bike doesn't produces any pollution to the environment keeping the air nice and clean. Also they last for a while so you don't have to buy a new one all the time. You may think I am not going to get everywhere with a bike some places are to far. Well to that I say I live in an urban area everything is close so it's not hard to get places. In the winter I use the bus or walk so I don't use to much energy a car would need.

Waste Mangment

At my home I have a bin for paper, bin for plastic and a composting bin for my food waste. I recycle and I also reuse jars and containers to put food in them so they can stay fresh longer and I won't produce as much waste.

My Adopted Animal

The animal that I have adopted from the Zoo is the Asian elephant. I chose the Asian elephant because the population is getting smaller and smaller everyday this is a result of pouching. Asian elephants are very vulnerable for there tusks and poachers try to take them away causing the elephant to go through pain and die. There are other reasons why they slowly dispersing please watch the video to learn more.
Endangered Asian Elephant


My house is a great place to live in and will keep the environment nice and clean.

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