Having HIV Or AIDS

Pregnancy problems with HIV

the concerns of HIV during a developing baby

HIV is a Human Immunodeficiency virus, for women the concerns of this virus is about the baby because the virus can travel from mother to baby during pregnancy, breastfeeding or birth.

The tests that are available that could help determain any potential harm to the baby

for women during pregnancy the tests that they can have is blood test, ultrasound scans, blood pressure, Anemia ( iron test in blood ), diabetes test, Pap test (for preventing cancer before it develops during pregnancy) and Group B streptococcus.
HIV Replication 3D Medical Animation

If a female was to become a pregnant mother, What help and advice is likely to be given?

if a couple was to plan to have a family the advice to them first is to plan before they start acting. if the one of the person in the couple have HIV virus then that person needs to go to the doctors and get advice to prevent the virus from spreading or being transmitted into the person's partner and the person's family.

How can HIV it be cured?

There are many ways that scientist are finding to cure HIV but it may happen in our lifetimes or in the future. Some research shows us that many scientist are finding ways to stop the virus from hiding behind the host cell and forcing the virus to be destroyed by structure.