COVID 19 Update

Changes in Procedure

In order to minimize the effect of a positive case of COVID, we have made a few changes.

  1. Each class will have a separate time at the gym.
  2. We will no longer combine for field trips. Each class will go separately.
  3. Teachers will not visit or walk through other classrooms during the day.
  4. Staff meetings will be attended via an internet service

Continuations of Procedure

We are happy to note that almost all of the cases of COVID appear to have been contracted outside of the childcare setting. During our closure we have only had one report of a case that appears to be from close contact. Therefore, we will continue to practice the safety routines formerly initiated.

  1. Temperatures taken at the door for all staff, children and parents
  2. Staff and children wash hands upon entering the building/classroom.
  3. Staff and children wash hands before and after meals, outside play, and normal hygiene times (bathroom use, using a tissue, coughing, etc.)
  4. Adults wear masks at drop-off and pick-up. Teachers are not mandated to wear masks but are encouraged to wear them at drop off and pick up times.
  5. Sanitizing all doors, light switches, tables, chairs, etc. every 3 hours.
  6. Sanitizing all toys daily.
  7. Sanitizing the gym upon entry.
  8. Sanitizing the gym toys.
  9. Family style meals are suspended. Teachers are serving all food.
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Thank you for being understanding during this time of closure. We realize it has created hardships for you, but it was necessary. Please continue to pray with us that we will now be able to remain open and have no more cases of COVID. God's blessings as you finish out this last week. We'll see you all on Monday!