Oklahoma Virtual High School

Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you are a returning student or a new student to Oklahoma Virtual High School, you probably have some questions. We, the Student Services Department at Advanced Academics have put together a FAQ list in which we hope you find helpful. Beginning a new year with "just the facts" helps promote a comfortable, reassuring and successful year. HOWEVER, SHOULD YOU HAVE A QUESTION THAT IS NOT LISTED, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL (we may just add it to list for future flyers).

Do I need to do anything this summer while I wait for the first semester to start?

If you are a new student, you will be enrolled — later in the summer - in a short online class called Introduction to Online Learning. You will receive login information to your courses via email when this introductory non-credit class is added, and you should complete this course before the school year begins.

Who will issue my high school diploma?

The partner Oklahoma school district in which you are ultimately enrolled will issue your diploma. The diploma will be issued when you have fulfilled the graduation requirements for the school.

Will I attend a graduation ceremony?

In most cases, OKVHS seniors will graduate in a traditional ceremony with their fellow students from the actual brick and mortar school district. The school district will provide seniors with graduation information and can answer questions you might have.

When do I begin my classes?

Students will login and begin their coursework on the first day of class for the school district in which you are enrolled. If for some reason you are accepted to the program later in the summer, you may have to begin course work after the actual first day of school. Note that even if you must start your courses after the official start date of class, you must still finish

your courses by the last day of the semester. The start and end dates for OKVHS/MS districts are:

HANNA FALL DATES: 8/12/2013-12/20/2013

STIDMAN FALL DATES; 8/22/2013-12/18/2013


Do I have to login to my courses every day?

The student course calendar, (generally, 120 days IF the student is enrolled by the first day of the semester) is setup to show students what they must complete in their courses each day in order to finish by the end of the semester. Our experience tells us those students who login and work every day are more successful than students who do not. Students can work in their courses at their own pace but they must adhere to the Truancy policy of the school district.

What is a Truancy Policy?

Online students are required to “attend” class by logging in and completing work. If students do not login for a period of time, they are considered “absent” by the State Department of Education of Oklahoma and will be reported as truant. The Truancy Policy is set by the OKVHS/MS districts. Retention Department Student Achievement Coordinators at AAI oversee student truancy issues. Students will be contacted via telephone and Class Mail when they are in danger of being considered truant. Students and parents were provided the Truancy Policy in the application documents. Seven days of no activity will result in a Truancy Warning. After sixteen days of not completing work, a student is considered truant and dropped from the program.

How quickly can I move through a course?

You may move through courses at your own pace and finish them early. However, students may not begin second semester courses until it starts. Students are not allowed to work on second semester courses in the first semester.

Who is my teacher?

To offer students the greatest flexibility and availability to highly qualified teachers for the greatest number of hour a day students can solicit the help of any teacher in any subject area. There is not one specific teacher assigned to a student for any one course. Instead, students can engage and get help from any available teacher in a subject area.

How do I communicate with my teachers?

You can send instant messages throughout the day and evening to available teachers using our Talk to Teacher feature. This option provides a Whiteboard and other helpful elements to enhance this type of communication. You may also use the internal email system called Class Mail and teachers are also available via telephone.

What materials are needed for my courses?

Your courses are 100% online and there is very little need for any outside materials to complete them. There are some readings in English that require novels that are obtained by the student. If you take an AP Course, there is a physical textbook that is provided by OKVHS.

What are the system requirements for my computer and my Internet connection?

See the System Requirements at : http://www.oklahomavirtualhighschool.com/requirements.pdf on the

OKVHS website for computer system requirements. It is highly suggested that you use a high speed Internet connection for your courses. Your courses can be completed using a dial-up connection, but it will take much longer to load pages and complete work.

What is the difference between your Counselor and Student Achievement Coordinator?

Your Student Achievement Coordinator (SAC) and your Counselor are both there to help you stay on track in your classes. Your SAC will monitor your online use and rate of success. You will be contacted by either you SCA or our counselor regarding your progress. Your Counselor is not only there for your academic needs but for your social, emotional and personal issues as well. They have open chat hours designated however you may call them at any time and will either help you when you call, chat or email or return your message ASAP.

Who do I call if I have a question and don’t know who to ask?

Main Number:

Toll Free: 1-866-235-3276

Local: 405-239-1900

Then Press:

#2 Counseling Department

#3 Admissions Department

#4 Retention Department

#0 Operator

If you don’t know who to call, you may always speak to a Student Achievement Coordinator

in the Retention Department. They will put you in touch with the best person to help you.