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TFK-ish Magazine has arrived!!

Your children have worked countless hours to produce these articles. We looked at writing craft styles and strategies that true Time for Kids magazine authors utilize. Our class plans to produce another TFK-ish writing by the end of the year based on current events that have sparked our interest. Thank you so much for your support in this effort.

TFK-ish Magazine: AM

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TFK-ish Magazine: PM

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Literacy Pals

We have spent the past few months getting to know our Literacy Pals as readers. This week, we transitioned to getting to know our Literacy Pals as writers. We generated writing interest interview questions and will refer back to this data when making plans for our Literacy Pals. As writers, we will be looking into poetry together. Our poetry inquiry will be supported by the Sharon Creech text, Love that Dog.

Literacy Pals