Blue Bird News

March 29, 2014

This week's events


Unit 8 Math Test


10:30-11:30 am Spirit Assembly

No Spelling Test

Early Dismissal 11:55 am

Field Trip to Plumstead Quarry!

Irma's Sandwich Shop Play-Password Second

Curriculum for the Week


This week we will be reading the story Tell Me A Story Grandpa. We will be working on the following skills:

  • making connections
  • rereading for important information
  • reviewing topic sentences
  • summarizing
  • meeting with Book Buddies


On Thursday the children will be taking Unit 8 Math test. I will be sending home a review sheet on Wednesday. The test will include the following skills:

  • solving fraction number stories.
  • giving the fraction name for the shaded part of a collection.
  • shading a specified fractional part of a region
  • finding values of coins and bill combinations


We started our Rock research last week. This week the children will be researching on line and using nonfiction books to find out more about their rock. They will be writing a rough draft and editing their reports.


We will be working on Sort 38. We will be studying triple r blends. We will not be having a spelling test this week.
Please remember to have your child practice their spelling words using the Spelling City website Please look for Sort 38 for this week's words.

Science-Rocks and Minerals

Last week we had so much fun! We went on a great field trip to the quarry . Later on in the week the kids learned about how archaeologist digs up fossils. We even gave the kids a chocolate chip cookie and had them pretend to dig up the fossils (the chocolate morsels) with a toothpick!

This week the kids be learning more about fossils by going examining real fossils up close. Next they will be making petrified fossils and fossil molds.

This Week's Homework


-Spelling page 15

-Home Link 8.6


-Words Their Way Sort 38-Please cut the words and sort them. Next glue the words onto the next page.

-Extra Math


-Unit 8 Math Review

-Science Mineral Scavanger Hunt due Thurs. April 3rd


-Spelling page 16 or 17. I'm going to let the kids choose which page they want to complete. Some of them prefer making up words and some like writing sentences.

-Extra Math