all about me

this is a flyer for all about me i hope you learn more

favorite food

my favorite food is pepperoni pizza thin crust of course. the best place to get it is dominoes

my favorite color

my favorite color is teal blue or any other kind of light blue. I love it so much that it's the color of my bed, walls, pillows, and some clothes!

some other facts about me

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favorite holiday

my favorite holiday is Christmas because there are lights all around the houses and trees.

it snows and you get to drink hot chocolate under the fireplace. and make snowman.

favorite place to travel

my favorite place to travel is California because my uncle lives there with there kids mason and Marisa. they have chickens in the backyard and a skate board ramp its awesome they also have a tree house where there's the skate boards and the table where we eat are meals ( mostly fruit ) you can also go to the beach.

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