Department of Housing and Urban Development

“promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and a suitable living environment free from discrimination”

The HUD carries out responsibilities concerning housing and renovating. The executive department oversees fair housing for all Americans. The department controls mortgage; and it takes steps to encourage a strong private sector housing industry that can produce affordable housing; and to stimulate private sector initiatives, public/private sector partnerships, and public entrepreneurship.
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HUD dates back to the first inspections of urban areas in the late 1800's. The department helped to create low income housing during the Great Depression. The Veterans Agency's home loan plan for vets was created in the 1940's, in the midst of WWII. At this time, suburban areas became very popular. The HUD continued to develop

urban areas and to create city housing in order to keep urban areas populated. Throughout the years, the department has improved housing and made it affordable for everyone.

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Julián Castro was sworn in as the 16th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on July 28, 2014
Julián was appointed by Barack Obama because he is a proven leader. He is a champion for safe, affordable housing and strong, sustainable neighborhoods.

He was previously the Mayor of the City of San Antonio.

46 Billion $$$$

The budget of the HUD goes to repairing and providing affordable housing.

Current Issues

Economic Development and Infrastructure

Economic, Rural and Community Development, Tourism and Housing.

Grants and Financial Management

Grants Management and Federal Assistance Programs, resources about Acquisition and Procurement, Financial Management and Taxes.