London Citytrip

by Cedric De Witte-Vroman

I would like to visit London because i've already visited London. I would like to visit some more museums and do some more sports maybe. I really liked the city of London and the lots of parks in the newer part of London. The thing i liked too is the history of London, the big fire in 1666 and the other disasters that happend in London.

Activity one, to the Natural History Museum.

Natural History Museum, is a museum about plants and animals. The entry is free but they check your bags at the entrance, and you can buy a book with the floor plan and extra information about the museum and what to see.

There are 4 different zones in the museum with different kinds of plants and animals, and there is the main hall. When you enter through the main entrance you are in the big hall where you can see a skeleton of a dinosaur. When you go to the left there are two zones a blue zone about: dinosaurs, mammals, fishes, reptiles, amphibians and human biology. And an orange zone dedicated to Darwin, the ‘Darwin centre’. That’s the newest edition to the museum. And next to the Darwin centre there is a wildlife garden with tons of different plants and birds.

And at the right of the entrance hall there are two zones too. The green zone is about birds and trees. When you go up a floor you can visit a big hall with lots of gems and minerals and meteorites, at the end of the hall there is a vault where you can see the most valuable gems and minerals or the whole museum. And then there is the red zone, mostly about volcanoes, earthquakes and earth’s treasure.

The thing I like about the museum is that you can learn lots more about animals and plants, and those things interest me.

Big image
This photo is taken from the main hall, you can see the skeleton of the Diplodocus.
Big image
This photo is taken inside the hall with the gems, at the end of the hall you can see the vault.
Activity two, to Hyde Park.

For the second activity I would like to go to Hyde Park. There are lots of things to do at Hyde Park. There are events, sports, Memorials, fountains and statues and Speakers' Corner. Hyde Park also provides a habitat for diverse varieties of birds.

There are different kinds of sports you can do at Hyde Park. One thing to do is boating on the Serpentine. You can also swim in the Serpentine; you can daily swim in the Serpentine from June to September. There is a Sports Centre and Hyde Park Tennis at the western end of the Sports Field at the junction between West Carriage Drive and South Carriage Drive. There you can play Tennis, Lawn Bowls and Putting Green. And there also is a café at the Sports Field. And not to forget you can horse ride through Hyde Park.

There are different also different playgrounds at Hyde Park, one senior playground and one more adventurous playground.

Every year there is a big event in Hyde Park called Winter Wonderland, it lasts for six weeks and there will be lots or attractions.

Speakers’ Corner is a traditional site for public speeches and debates since the mid 1800's when protests and demonstrations took place in Hyde Park.

And the best thing about Hyde Park is that you can relax and sit down near the Serpentine.

Big image
This is a picture of Hyde Park with a bird's eye view. you can also see the Kensington Gardens. Hyde Park may look small on the picture but it's way bigger when you see it with you own eyes.
Activity three, to Tate Britain.

Tate Britain is a museum about the art of the 16th century to the present day. There are various exhibitions about different British painters. The paintings I most liked when I was in Tate Britain were the ones from J.M.W. Turner because I like the style and the colours he used to paint with. There are also temporary exhibitions.

When you don’t like the paintings or want to see something else then painting from a 'few' years back in Tate Britain you can take a boat on the Thames to Tate Modern and look at some paintings and sculptures there. Tate Modern is, like the names says, more about modern art.

The entry is free, for a map you pay £1, like in the most museums in London.

Big image
This is a photo of Tate Britain.
Big image
This picture is of Tate Modern, the building used to serve as a factory that why the big chimney is there.