We have the best SLPs!!!

May 18, 2022

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Celebrate a Speech Language Pathologist Today! . . . and everyday!

Today is National Speech Language Pathologist Appreciation Day. Please take this moment to reflect and acknowledge the deep work that our SLPs do everyday in ensuring that every child has the right, the skills, and the support to hone their voice. if you have a moment today share with your SLP a word or note of gratitude! We are so thankful to have the very best team of professionals to support our community.

Iva Marie Connall ~ Izzy Villagomez ~ Melinda Aldrich ~ Melissa Lathen- Bennett ~ Nailah Paxton ~Patrice West ~ Rachael Wheeler ~ Sheila Canty ~ Staci Ball~ Sydney Laschober ~ Tiffany Daiber

ECSE to K Transition Planning is Happening!

Announcing the class of 2035! Our incoming kindergarten IEP meetings are almost complete and ready for the fall! A huge shout out to all of individuals who make this a reality!

learning specialists ~kindergarten teachers ~SLPs ~ OTs ~ PTs ~ Nurses ~ICs

And we shout out to Karina Archibald, our early childhood admin assistant, for coordinating, tracking and supporting the planning of these important meetings.

Thank you all of the care and connection that you provided and will continue to provide to our new students and families!

Thinking about paperwork, June and Summer!

Whew! Let's think about June. I know. it is getting closer! Every June we work to complete IEPs that are due or coming due. This year our school year our students continue through June 22nd. It is difficult to complete and wrap up all paperwork prior to leaving when meetings are held later in the year. Look at your calendar and consider planning IEP meetings as early as you can. This will allow you to wrap up other components and finalize them in June and support your students at the end of their school year. Connect with your Instructional Coordinator as you plan for IEPs that are due in June!

Want Extra Hours this Summer?

Thank you to those that have already expressed interest in supporting this great work for students!

We are planning for Recovery Services and we want to recruit you! We are recruiting Paraedcuators, learning specialists, Motor Team, SLPs, ICs - for a robust summer program. If you are interested in supporting the summer program, email us!

Lauren Brigsby ~ brigsbyl@wlwv.k12.or.us

June 28- July 1, July 5-8, July 12-15 from 8:30-11:30

You represent the expertise, care, and compassion to create beautiful learning communities. Thank you for all that you do.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

  • Wednesday May 18th: National SLP Appreciation Day!
  • Wednesday May 18th: School Counselor Meeting 8:30-10:00 Virtually
  • Thursday May 19th: School Psychologists 11:30-1:30 in the Boardroom
  • Wednesday May 25th: School Nurses 8:00-9:30 in the Boardroom
  • Wednesday June 1st: Motor Team 8:00-9:30
  • Friday June 3rd: Adult Transition Services Celebration, 11:00-1:00 at Crest
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Templates for Sped Actions have been added. These are intended to be a support In drafting a teams' PWN and will benefit from being Individualized to the discussion, agreements, and disagreements of the team.