By: Sydney Chivers

Myth 2

Men are not nuturing enough to work with small children. Leftover from days when women stayed home to raise children and men to work. Nurturing is more of a matter of personality, not gender. This is not true because men can do things girl's do. There are alot of guys that help out and take care of their children

Myth 3

Women are not strong enough for trade or construction. Veteran women construction workers say job is mentally hard, not so much physical. Lack of strength is not a factor in job performances. This is not true because there are alot of women that have upper body strength. just vbecause were girls doesn't mean we can't do what guys do.

Myth 5

Females do not have strong aptitude for math and science. Men still outnumber women in stem careers. Women still face challenges in this area. This is not true because there is alot of women that like science and math. Maybe there are alot of men that outnumber women that doesn't mean anything.

Myth 6

Women will leave employment to get married and have children. On average, women work 30 years. Half of women with children return to work in 1-3 years. This is kinda true but not all women leave when they get married they will leave for a little bit but they will come back. Some women will work longer than 30 years

Myth 7

Women on a job site make it difficult or men to concentrate. HR can provide training so all employees are comfortable in work enviroment. Sexual Harrasment. I do think this is true because guys do intend to get distracted when they see women. Some women and men do get uncomfotable around other people.