A Great Woman

Womens rights are everything.

Who was Susan B. Anthony?

Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820 to the parents of David Anthony and Lucy Read. She lived in Adams, Massachusetts for most of her life, for the other part of her life she lived in Rochester New York. She was raised in a Quaker family of her parents and her sibling named Daniel Read Anthony. Susan B. Anthony was a very intelligent woman who felt that women should have the same rights as men.

What is Susan B. Anthony known for?

Anthony partnered with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and would eventually lead the National American Women suffrage association. Anthony was know for the woman's right movement in 1868. She illegally voted without permission and was arrested with a fine of $100 which she never paid. She was also a abolitionist. In 1863 Anthony and Stanton organized a Women's National Loyal League to support and petition for the Thirteenth Amendment outlawing slavery.
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Susan B. Anthony Facts

. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery , Rochester NY.
. Susan B. Anthony was a teacher.
. Susan B. Anthony's full name was Susan Brownell Anthony.
.Susan B. Anthony was the second of seven children in her family.
. Anthony meets with President Theodore Roosevelt in Washington, D.C., about submitting a suffrage amendment to Congress.