Washington Early Learning Center

Weekly Staff Newsletter

June 1st - June 5th, 2015


This week's meetings/activities

Please review the meetings/activities that I am scheduled to attend this week.

If you feel I missed something, please let me know a.s.a.p.

Monday, June 1st:

8:00--IEP mtg. (Kiersten O.)

10:00--Stacie 4K mtg. (in Menasha)

11:30--Stacie mtg. (at Wilson)

Lunch: Being provided by Chloe Demerath

2:30--meeting to build the 2K and 3K classes (my office)

Tuesday, June 2nd:

9:15--FIRE DRILL to be observed by the Fire Department

1:00--Stacie mtg. with Sue Nennig (at WELC)

6:00--WELC Board Presentation (all staff ENCOURAGED to attend!)

Wednesday, June 3rd:

7:45--Ask Austin

1:00--EP mtg (at Administration Building)

Thursday, June 4th:


NO PM classes

11:30-1:00--Music in the Park? (depending upon weather)

3:30--WELC staff gathering at Ground Round

Friday, June 5th:

Teacher Work Day

A look ahead:

Monday, August 24th: Convocation

Tuesday, August 25th: Building PLD

4:00--4K Parent Orientation Meeting (tentative)

4:30-6:00--WELC Open House (tentative)

Wednesday, August 26th: Teacher work day

Thursday, August 27th: District PLD (unless already completed)

Lunch on Monday

Chloe Demerath has asked if she could provide a lunch for the WELC staff on Monday. She will be bringing a salad, main dish, dessert, and drinks for all!

Shared Toy Area

The current space we use for the shared toy area will need to be completely removed. Heather has a nice idea for a space in the library that will incorporate a "make-it, take-it" type of area for parents.

I would also like to incorporate a space for parents and siblings to wait when they are in our building for itinerant services (instead of waiting in the office). Besides the noise in the office, there are confidential discussions that take place that can easily be over-heard by waiting parents.

Please go through and move items to your room that you would like to keep. I have another space in mind for us to have a shared toy area for next year, but it is not ready to move items to at this time. The space, however, will be much smaller then what we have now.

Newest Washington Staff!

Both Jessica Martine and Robyn Hall will be joining Washington ELC to teach 4K for next school year.

I will keep everyone in-the-loop as more placements are determined.

ELL Program

The ELL program is moving to WELC! The department will be located in the current technology room (room 7).

End-of-Year Items

  • Notify Angie that all your materials from a PO have arrived. PO's must be to Angie by 6/8/15 or the order amount will come out of your 2015/16 budget.
  • If you are leaving WELC, turn in your keys by June 5th.
  • FOB's for those leaving NJSD need to be returned by June 5th. If you are going to a new NJSD school, let Angie know and it will be activated for you.
  • Click on the link and use the google doc to identify any summer maintenance projects for your classroom: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rYBRQ5IwnZ9B73wEBs_rifJU0WwfUm_XbDB41w4fzAw/edit

To Do!

  • Please go through the shared toy area and move items to your classroom that you want to keep.
  • Please check-in with Angie for any end-of-year items you need to complete or turn-in before you leave on Friday, June 5th.