Million-Dollar Throw

James and Matt

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Genre: Fiction

Book Summary

One exciting day, Nate Brodie buys a $500 football, signed by Tom Brady. Nate has a once in a lifetime experience to win a chance to make a million dollar throw at the halftime show of Gillette Stadium. His dad has lost his job and is struggling to keep their home. His best friend Abby is going blind. Nate’s family needs the money, Will he make the throw or will he not?

Main Characters

Nate Brodie : all-star 8th grade quarterback, huge fan of the New England Patriots, nickname- Brady, got chosen for the million dollar throw at halftime on the thanksgiving day football game. Lives in New England.

Abby: Nate’s best friend, she is going blind from a disease, artist


Nate’s dad lost his job and his family is struggling to keep their home *external


Determination will pay off

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