cystic fibrosis

CF= genetic disorder that affects multiple organs.


tubes that carry enzymes made from the pancreas, can be blocked by thick mucus

mucus blocks the passageways of the pancreas and prevents pancreatic digestive juices from entering the intestines

without the juices, the intestine cant absorb fats and proteins completely, so nutrients leave the body rather than help the body.


This protein is defective in cystic fibrosis, producing the thick mucus that causes problems for people with CF

a new therapy, called protein repair therapy, aims to repair the defective CFTR

This protein possesses two ATP-hydrolyzing domains, which allows the protein to use energy in the form of ATP


The usual presenting symptoms and signs include persistent pulmonary infection, pancreatic insufficiency, and high sweat chloride levels

This bacteria is the most common cause of chronic and fatal lung infections for people with CF

in cystic fibrosis, these secretions become really thick and can clog up vital areas of the body causing inflammation, obstruction and infection

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