(Partial) Statement Marty Reiker

Removal Directors Prior To 2018 Annual Meeting Discussion

Statement Marty Reiker (4:02 PM Thursday, February 1, 2018), Removal Of Directors Prior To 2018 Annual Meeting Discussion Group


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Reformatted (4:02 PM Thursday, February 1, 2018)

Sept 16, 2017

  • Bod positions voted on.
  • Ron won vote for Pres. 4 votes against 3.
  • Buddy requested
  1. the RBMC web page be used to full capacity,
  2. including minutes,
  3. actions taken by the BOD,
  4. more detailed Treasures report for members
  5. and a financial Page be put together by Peter and Chris.

Sept. 22

I went to the office to ask for a copy of the employee contact list

  • I was refused.
  • I made a comment that there would need to be changes made to the operating practices, so as to insure the Bod had proper lists.
  • I also noticed an unknown person down behind the counter. It was as though they were hiding.
  • I went to the back office. As I walked to the back I heard a smart remark.
  • Suddenly Ron came face to face with me and He was holding the list I had ask for.
  • He told me to stop threatening the office staff. I told him I did not threatened anyone.
  • When I went back out to approach the office staff and explain, I then noticed this known park member was the one behind the counter.
  • I confronted the member as to what they were doing behind the counter and explained the rule that she was not to the behind the counter.
  • She boasted that she was allowed there and I was not the boss.
  • Words went back and forth.
  • Ron left the office.

Sept. 23

  • Buddy Ray Ron and Myself along with Peter and Sue P. met for an intense 5 hr. meeting to discuss the budget.
  • This same day I was accused by RON of having some type of paper work passed to me by another office employee. (While I was in the meeting with him.)

Sept. 29

  • a few Bod members met with the insurance carrier.
  • It was stated that it could be beneficial to the corp. to try to implement some safety measures, including member golf cart insurance which could possibly be a point in favor of the corp. in future insurance negotiations. FIRST 1/2 month on the BOD
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Oct 1

Ron W. called a meeting for my removal,

  • he had statements of me harassing the office staff in Sept.
  • and manipulating an office employee to retrieve documents from Quik books. (I did no such thing).

Oct 14

Budget Meeting

Oct 18

Ron called a meeting for my (sic) and Ray Jackson.

  • I was supposedly tampering with files
  • by removing the recorder from the office.

Oct. 21

1st open bod meeting.

Oct 23

Ron sent me an e-mail Insisting it was urgent for him to have the tape recoder (sic)

  • and he wanted me to drive back down to the river( I just got home)
  • or meet him half way.

Oct 25,

Kathy Sease claims confidential info was leaked

  • by a bod member
  • about the special meeting Ron called.
  • Revetting was discussed.

Oct 26

4 bod members want the attorney present at the removal meeting.

  • Ray and I call for a legit special meeting to be held Sunday a.m.to discuss the accusations being made by Ron.
  • 8:15 p.m. An e-mail from Chris M was received about the mold growing in the ranger station basement and we were waiting on air samples.

Oct 27

I had issues with returning the recorder before I was finished with the minutes.

  • ( Just think how many meet.ngs (sic) I have mentioned that I had to transcribe minutes for)
  • I explained the recorder was my means of providing accurate minutes.

Oct 29

  • Me, Buddy and Ray
  • are the only ones to show up
  • for the legitimately called meeting.

Oct 31

  • Chris advises the bod that innovative has now set up
  • Same day I took all my handwritten meeting notes to the office
  • to be copied. (per the 4 bod members).
  • REvetting (sic) discussed again.
  • (1st full month)
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Nov 6

  • Ron is questioning the vetting process again.

Nov 7

  • Buddy questions Chris M. about entry system being down all weekend.

Nov 8

  • Ron asks for some bod members to be vetted again.
  • John Cress states, You need to submit and get it done if you're still interested in being a part of this bod.

Nov 10

  • Jim Oltmann set up a meeting to work on entry system to try to resolve issues.

Nov. 14

  • 6:06 p.m. Ron W. is stating
  • ray, marty and Buddy are still questionable bod members.
  • He also asked for all minutes to be ready for approval.

Nov 15

  • During a question I asked about Ron quoting several different cost figures for the liquid pool injectors,
  • Ron told me " READ MY LIPS".
  • I told him not to start his smart shit tonight because I wasn't going to listen to it
  • He told the rest of the bod the conversation was over until we all learn not to cuss.
  • He hung up on the conference call.

Nov 16

  • I e-mailed my initial minutes to all bod members with e-mail.

(to be continued )

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