Litter is like a gun and that gun kills people just like people kill animals by littering. Haven't you notice anything? you are kill our beautiful marine animals. Why are you being so nonchalant. This major problem is not only effecting marine animals it is effecting us as in us humans. There are loads of plastic bags and rubbish bins that you can put your rubbish in so why think you can dump it on the ground?


Our rubbish is a major problem to our water ways if rubbish is not taken care of it may cause floods and may damage our homes. Litter is like smoking its hard to quit same with littering its hard to stop littering. Every day almost every year rubbish over flows Britain. There is a question that people say they say why litter? 6H thinks cause their busy playing, there are no bins near by and their lazy they cant be bothered. Do you want our homes, schools, cars and shops to broken full of rubbish and water ( blocked water ways)? this habit is all over the place its on cartoons its on News and TV so that means everyone wants to get rid of this annoying habit. Its very disappointing that we are losing a lot of our marine animals and our native animals. Animals don't see the difference between plastic bags and jelly fishes but us humans can see the difference so lets put more soft ALDI bags. 6H did a survey at lunch time and found out that over half of F.P.S litter. This habit is very selfish. It starts with us and it ends with us. Here are some of the country's that litter china with 8.8 million pieces of rubbish Indonesia with 3.2 pieces of rubbish Philippines with 1.9 pieces of rubbish Spain with 26.34 million tons of waste every year and Italy with 29.74 million tons of waste annually


This habit will carry on if you keep on littering do you want this habit to get lost well then stop littering and do something about it. Its easy put your rubbish in the bin ( mainly plastic)