By Andrea Cheng

Book Summary

This book was about a girl named Marika. She was Jewish and lived in Hungary with her mom and brother. Marika was in 10th grade when the war game to Hungary but within that time she grew to like a boy and spend time with her father more. One day a guard showed up at her house and said they were taking it for German housing and they had 24 hours to pack up and leave. Marika started to live with her father in his apartment, but even that wasn't safe because they came back and took her to the school with her mom and grandfather. She got out because her dad paid for her to get out. She went to live with one of her dads friends and she changed her name so the Nazis wouldn't find her. by the end of the war almost everyone she knew was safe except for her friend Tamas and the boy she liked Adam.

Why you should read it

This book is good and has sadness in between the words. it got me sucked in and i finished it within one night. It is a great novel and i would expect anyone who reads it to get sucked in to Marika's life.
Budapest, Hungary

Where Marika lived

The Nazi soldiers
Anya (Marika's mother), Andras (her brother), Marika and one of her friends