From Cows to Ice Cream

By: Gavin Brittenham


Have you ever wondered. How Ice Cream is made? Read on to learn where this tasty treat is made.


Ice Cream they get the milk from the farm. They put it in a bucket. And get it to the factory.


At the factory, Milk is made into Ice Cream. first they put in the ingredients. Milk butter sugar flavoring and. Egg are added for some. Flavoring then they freeze. It and combined it together and package it in a box or carton. Then they delver It to the store


At the store. They sell the product. At the stores and the Ice Cream shop. People buy Ice Cream. For a delicious treat

Fun Facts

Did you know people in. The united stats eat more Ice Cream. Then any other country in the world. Did you also know that Ice Cream back then was 5c.


Now that you know how. This delicious treat is made. Now you mack it!
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