Starbucks, Jesus, and You

Is everyone really this upset over a Starbucks holiday cup?

Starbucks Holdiay Cop 2015

Look at it! It's plain red! Nothing to get offended by, right? Wrong. Some Americans think that it is suppressing Christian values and being overly politically correct. What Starbucks is doing is making a smart business move. They have many different customers who celebrate many different holidays, and making it holiday non-specific lures in more customers. And Donald Trump has even said, "Maybe we should boycott Starbucks, I don't know. Seriously, I don't care."

Are Starbucks employees not allowed to say "Merry Christmas"?

That is not true, and Starbucks has said that employees, "are not provided a script or policy around greeting customers. They are simply encouraged to create a welcoming environment to delight each person who walks through our doors". So baristas say "happy holidays" so they don't offend anyone. But if you simply must have someone say Merry Christmas to you, go ahead and pick up some coffee from you local church.


If you need to have art your cappuccino, get out a sharpie and draw on your cup!

No need to pop out the old crosses and holy water, Starbucks isn't atheist!

While it might not be a religious cup this year, Starbucks still sells gift cards with "Merry Christmas!" written on them. They even have a blend of coffee called the "Christmas Blend".

By Aubri Quillen

For Ms. Senter's 8th Grade Pre-AP LA class.

4th Period.