Marhabaan Dubay!

Hello Dubai!

Phrases to Know

Hello: marhabaan

Goodbye: wadaeaan

Please: Min fadlik

Thank You: shukraan

Yes: nem fielaan

I Don't Understand: 'ana la 'afham

I Speak English: 'ana 'atahaddath al'iinjlizia

Where's the Bathroom: 'ayn alhamam

What to Eat

While in Dubai, you HAVE to try classic Arabian food! Examples of classic Arabian foods are, Gyros, falafel, and homemade hummus and pita chips. These are some of the top reviewed Arabian food.


The Currency in Dubai is called dirham. One US dollar is equal to 3.67 dirhams.


The weather in Dubai stays around the same all year round. The average temp is about 86 degrees fahrenheit. Its #5 on the list of places that are least likely to have natural disasters.