How to Smore

<3 ULA's

Just Follow These 8 Simple Steps:

1. Go to

2. Click sign up (In the TOP RIGHT corner)

- Use your educ email to register and click sign up

3. Click “new flyer” at the top of the toolbar or the big orange button that says start a new flyer to begin

4. To edit something- click on it

- For example: to change text click on current text and begin typing

5. Scroll down to discover links to add different forms of media

6. When you are finished click “done editing”

7. Embed

- Quick sharing tools (on the top of the page)

- Click grey embed link

- Copy all the text under “embed code”

- Go to teacher website

- Click the pencil to edit in the top right corner

- Add some text to mark your place where you want your flyer to go

- Click html

- Find your text and add it directly next to that

- Delete your text

8. Hyperlink Your Title- to YOUR work NOT the website

- Add title

- Go back to Smore website

- Click embed

- Copy the text under get link

- Go back to teacher website

- Highlight title

- Click link button

- Web address

- Paste the website link

What Do I Put On It?

Look at slide 24

  • Use it as an open house introduction and introduce your class
You can:

  • Introduce how you will use technology in the classroom
  • Introduce an upcoming field trip
  • How can parents and students contact you? Tell them!
  • Any upcoming assignments?
  • What should parents and students keep an eye out for
  • The goal for your classroom
  • Always keep in mind your audience- elementary newsletter will be different than secondary
  • If you were handing out a Newsletter to your future students and parents what would you say?