The "Talking Drum"

The Most Famous West African Instrument of All Time!


Throughout the years, the "talking drum" has been associated with a plethora of different names. The Hausa people developed a highly sophisticated genre of music centering on the "talking drum". This instrument was one of the oldest instruments used by West African griots. Along with the Hausa people, "Talking drums" can be traced all the way back to the Yoruba people and the Ghana Empire!

Cultural Significance

The "Talking Drums" are significant to the culture having to do with communication. The customs, art, social institutions and achievements are all affected through this instrument. The "Talking Drums" were used to share information using sounds, words, and texts.


Various sizes of this type of drum consists in many cultures. The dimension of the drum differing between ethnic groups. But they usually all follow the same template. The smaller the drum the more high-pitched it becomes.
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"Talking Drums" making a comeback!

Talking drums are becoming more prominent in music today! Let's bring the old back into the new and purchase this fine drum!

The "Talking Drum" Compared to other Instruments

The "talking drum" was the most famous of the West African instruments, but what other instruments did they use? Many of the Africans would use stringed instruments along with the use of the drums. Stringed instruments were more popular in northern countries in Europe and east of Africa. Much of the African music and entertainment consisted drums and dancing. Much of the use of this drum was during the Griots. The role of the griots consisted of the playing of this drum.

The "Talking Drum" compared to modern instruments

The "Talking Drum" is much more simple compared to the drums of modern times. The Africans would often solely use the drum and not any other instruments while modern music uses many different instruments. The West African's used this drum to communicate while our music in modern times does communicate it also is mostly for entertainment.