Tactile Learner

A tactile learner learns through moving, doing and touching

Attributes about tactile learners

  • Tactile learners use bright colors to highlight important stuff from a paragraph.
  • They process information by moving
  • Likes to listen to music while they are studying.

How a tactile learners learn

  • Tactile learners learn by doing hands-on projects.
  • Tactile learners remember infromation by physical movement
  • Also they can learn better if they are asked what activities are best for their learning style

Study Tips

  • Do hands-on projects for example don't just watch someone else do it
  • Move around to learn new things like read while walking or brainstorm while working out
  • Chew a different flavor of gum with each subject you study
  • Try using a non-distracting movement like tapping your fingers on your desk or moving your leg.