William Tyndale

Kaylee McIntosh and Megan Semtak


William Tyndale

Born- in the year 1494 (the exact date is uncertain)

Died- October 6, 1536 (exicutioned)

Protest against the church

William Tyndale believed that common people should be allowd to read the Bible. In his time period, Bibles were only written in Latin and were read by the pope to the common people. To go against this, he began to translate the New Testimant into English. After finishing the New Testimant he started to translate the Old Testimant, but did not finish it.

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William Tyndale worked on translating the New Testimant fro the year 1525 to year 1526. He worked on other pieces of writing for the years 1522 to 1535.


"Here is also to be noted, that the cause of the institution was to be a memorial to testify that Christ's body was given, and his blood shed for us."

''To see how christ was prophesied & described therein, consider & mark, how that the kid or lamb must be with out spot or blemish, & so was christ only of all mankind, in the sight of god & of his law.''

"Christ made the bread the sacrament of his body only: wherefore as the bread is no similitude of his blood, so am I not bound or ought to affirm, that his blood in present."

''My overcoat is worn out, my shirts also are worn out. And I ask to be allowed to have a lamp in the evening, it is indeed wearisome sitting alone in the dark.''

''No more doth it hurt to say that the body & blood are not in the sacrament.''

Mayjor Work

William Tyndale is best known as the first person to translate the Bible. His life goal was to translate all of the Bible into English from Greek. He successeed in translating the New Testimant, however he was exicutioned before he could finish the Old Testimant.

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Area with the Greatest Impact

The map of England above is where William Tyndale shipped his translated Bibles to.


1. Where did William Tyndale ship his Bibles to?

A. United States

B. England

C. Spain

D. South America

2. What language were the Bibles translated from?

A. Greek

B. English

C. Latin

D. Spanish

3 What is William Tyndale known for?

4. Why did William Tyndale go against the church?