Southern Shortages

The Factors

The food shortages in the south were caused by 3 main reasons. The first reason is the amount of men going to war, Union control of areas where food is grown, and the loss of slaves. The blockade of Southern ports by the Union caused shortages as well.

The Effects

Meat is scarce, some only get it once a week. Corn and rice, though common, had shortages as well. Food prices increased dramatically. The average amount spent on food in a month was around 6 or 7 dollars. Now, with the inflation, it's around 68 dollars a month. That is, if there is any food to buy at all. Salt, sugar, coffee, nails, needles, and medicines were all in short supply too.


Hundreds of women and children have rioted at bakeries, calling for bread. The crowds only left after President Jefferson Davis ordered them to leave or be killed. Some have even taken to smuggling. They bring cotton into the North and trade it for gold, food, and other supplies.