Room 212 News #19

January 19, 2015

No School Monday for Martin Luther King holiday

We had a wonderful MLK assembly on Friday! Many parents were able to attend. To hear our class reciting the second verse of the poem, click the newsletter to open in a browser, then click on the red arrow on the track below.

Alison Medeiros

MLK poem 2nd Jan 2015 by Alison Medeiros

Apple Tree

We are in need of some classroom supplies
  • empty paper towel tubes - for math activity, need one per child
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer

The Read a Thon Needs You!

One of the three big PTO fundraisers for the school year is the March Read a Thon. Students earn raffle tickets for minutes read and can win prizes, as well as receive a medal at the end of the Read a Thon. Michele Huston (Bryant/Pattengill parent) has been running this event for at least 6 years and is seeking committed volunteers to work with her now, and take over Read a Thon next year, as this is her final year with a child at B/P. I co-chaired Read a Thon with her for three years, and it is a wonderful way to contribute to both schools, while engaging students in reading. It makes for a busy February and March, but Michele has an amazing system in place, and I am also available to support new volunteers. Please contact me if you have any interest in taking a lead role in this important fundraiser.

Comparing Numbers

Last week we took a close look at number models (equations). We looked at a number model and asked, is it true or false? This was challenging, mainly because students were presented with equations in unfamiliar forms. For example:

10 = 4 + 6 (true)

2 + 5 = 3 + 4 (true)

4 - 1 = 1 + 1 (false)

The main objective is for students to understand that what is on one side of the equal sign must be the same as what is on the other side of the equal sign. Students were also introduced to the "greater than" and "less than" symbols.

The Empty Pot

Ask your student, why is this story called The Empty Pot? Why did Ping bring an empty pot to the emperor? As we read this story together, we examined the actions of the main character (Ping) compared to the actions of other children in the book, in order to determine the theme of the story. Ask your child, what was the message of the book? (courage, honesty, hard work)

Speed Trials

Have any time to volunteer on Thursday 2:50-3:30 or Friday 1:00-2:00, this week or next week? Our current science unit is about motion, and we could use some help with a speed trial activity. Students must measure how far they can move in different ways in only 5 seconds. I'd like to have small groups do this experiment with volunteers outside the classroom - so if you have time to help you also must have completed a background check. Thank you!


This week will be a word study week. Look for a new list of words next week (Jan 27).

Once students become comfortable with our spelling routines, I'll be creating groups to meet students' needs. Future lists will be different for each group. These groups will be flexible and can change based on students' needs and their progress.

NWEA Testing

We continue our NWEA testing on Tuesday with our reading test. When we did our warm-up before the first session, students were reminded to take their time and look closely at all possible answers. This is an adaptive test that students take in the computer lab. The test adjusts based on how your child answers the questions. Please make sure your child is well rested and has a good breakfast.

Dates to Remember:

  • 1/19 MLK Day, no school
  • 1/26 No school for students
  • 2/6 9:20-2:00pm field trip to Kensington Park - chaperones needed
  • 2/9 NAAPID - parent involvement day, all parents welcome

Healthy Snack Sign-up

Thank you for the recent donations of yogurt, clementines and other snacks! Students really enjoy having fruit and other healthy foods for snack. Here is the link to our snack sign-up if you would like to send something in on a Wednesday or Friday.

Winter has arrived with 2015!

Please remind your student to bring gloves/mittens and other winter gear. Students go outside for recess unless it is zero degrees, or the wind chill makes it feel like zero degrees. A doctor's note is required to stay indoors during recess. Place names in items if possible. We have gym on Monday and Thursday. Students are welcome to leave gym shoes at school.