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As winter NWEA testing begins and winter break approaches, the students that thrive on routines may struggle. Below are some informative articles and resources that may help.

First is an article about attentional difficulties. It's interesting to see how many students that are young for their grade level get diagnosed with ADHD compared to other peers at their grade level.

Next is an article with strategies for students displaying anxious behavior, which could be impacting attention and learning. As the third article suggests, an intervention as simple as coloring may have a positive impact in helping reduce anxious feelings.
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Parent resources

Lastly, below are several resources for parents about improving morning and homework routines, as well as addressing tantrums at home. Feel free to share with any parents as needed.
Thanks for reading until the end! Have a happy holiday season, and let me know if you would like additional resources or information on any specific topics!

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