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What is RSI?

RSI stands for repetitive strain injury. Repetitive strain injury is used to describe discrete injuries that may lead to long-term consequences. Rsi is when you do an action repetitively you feel pain, numbness, tingling, or loss of muscle control.
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There are three stages of RSI injuries mild, moderate, and severe. RSI injuries could range from, pain for short term (i.e. hand hurts during the day and it heals over the night) and pain for long term (i.e. hand hurts and heals after half a year). The symptoms include pain, numbness, tingling, or loss of muscle control.

Stage 1 (Mild): Injuries are minor and may only last a day to a month

Stage 2 (Moderate): Injuries are moderate and will last several months

Stage 3 (Severe): Injuries are severe and will last months and years, and sometimes forever.

Workplace Ergonomics

How You Can Fix Yourself

Simple things you can do to:

a) increase comfort

b) prevent stress

c) reduce risk

of injury

d) decrease fatigue


a) maintaining a good posture

b) taking frequent breaks

c) stretching before hand

d) sleeping well

e) looking forward instead of down

f) placing the monitor directly in front of your head

If you felt pain in places you never felt before then you can:

1) Adjust the height of your chair and keyboard

2) your elbows should be at 90° (measure with protractor*)

3) Adjust lumbar support

4) arm rests recommended

5) Keyboard top about 28"

6) Adequate knee level

These simple actions will make you pain-free!

Guaranteed to increase comfort

Fun Facts:

1) 36.5% of people have back pain at their workplace

2) 13.2% of people have knee pain

3) 11.9% have shoulder pain

4) 8.6% have ankle pain

5) 3.4% have wrist pain

6) 26.4% is all other pains


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