Teacher Risks Life for Turtle!

6th grade teacher saves box turtle from imminent death

Turtle Rescued at the Bay Shore Middle School

Wednesday, May 11th was no typical "hump day." While returning from lunch, Paul Forthmuller, a 6th grade Social Studies teacher, noticed something strange in the parking lot of Bay Shore Middle School. Crawling towards the road was a scared box turtle! Quick to action, Paul jumped out of the moving vehicle to save the injured reptile. He quickly assessed the situation as he moved towards the turtle. "The thing is, I wasn't thinking, instinct and my love of reptiles kicked in. I had a pet turtle named Fred when I was younger and he ran away. All I thought was this turtle was someone's Fred, and I knew I had to save him. I realized that his leg was badly injured and he might be run over or eaten by the howling coyote if no one stepped in to help him. This was for Fred, my first friend," said a reminiscent Forthmuller as tear rolled down his cheek. Without thinking of his own safety, Forthmuller grabbed the turtle while a scared bevy of colleagues looked on. Luckily he was able to bring the turtle to safety and return it to its owner.