The Reformation

Medival Times

What was the change?

After the Renaissance, the Church weakened a lot due to culture and art. A result of that was that the Church had been lacking, and most of all sinning. To improve, a monk created the Reformation to reform the Church of their bad ways, and for them to stay loyal. He used some strategies like attacking the Church to make a change. He wasn't against the Church, he just didn't like how it turned out.

Who were some people associated with the change?

Some people that were mainly associated with the Reformation was Martin Luther, Gutenberg, and John Calvin which you'll read more about below.

How did the change impact society? (short term)

The Reformation had many effects that happened. One effect was both Catholics and Protestants drew there attention to education. The Pope created religious order called Jesuits. Jesuits focused a lot on education or the teaching of Christ and the bible, to have more Catholics, and to wipe out Protestants. They did not just have a short term effect, but also a long term too. Though many things were improving, woman’s role in the Church was still limited.

How is the Reformation seen today's modern society? (long term effects)

Nation States wanted more power like expansion for themselves and their country; this shaped the territories of countries today in Europe. The Church had less power in the government during the Renaissance and Reformation time, but now they have absolute no say in the government. Europe today has even more political power than religious. Jesuits not only impacted the society before, yet influence society now too. Jesuits found many school during the 1500s, and even today they run 45 high schools and 28 colleges. Even things that have happened hundreds of years ago can effect and influence each other today.