Viks Class of 2016

Still Searching For the Truth

An open letter to the class of 2016

Okay, let's assume we are all on a journey. It's a trip that never ends...and no, it's not a nightmare or the beginning of a Stephen King novel. I am referring to our search for knowledge, meaning, the truth and the pursuit of a good job. Of course, it is all about educating ones self so that you might live an abundant and fulfilled life.

Each of your paths will take you to wildly diverse places, just as dissimilar as the places from which you all originate. What we all have in common is today, we have the here and now, and it will lead to graduation day. Whether you chose a four-year university, the Advanced Diploma Program, the military, getting a job locally or volunteering to serve people around the world is all really EDUCATION!

So, I encourage you to live this year will all the zeal you can muster. That you engage with the adults here, that you might glean some of their knowledge, compassion and wisdom. That this time at Mazama High School is an experience that helps in launching you out in the world by challenging you to expect more of yourself and teaching you how to critically think.

Those are "big picture" submissions, but you also have to pay attention to deadlines. Remember to get a resume written, take time to fill out scholarship forms, come to College Night on November 4th, be kind (yes, to your parents too), be a good listener, use adverbs properly and really, don't forget to floss!

Mr. Rooney

College Night

Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 6-8pm

3009 Summers Lane

Klamath Falls, OR

Pizza starts at 5:30, three $500 scholarships will be awarded in a drawing and several guest presenters will be here to help answer any college or financial questions you might have.
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Sons of Italy

The Sons of Italy have two available scholarships for students of Italian heritage. One is a study grant and another is a scholarship for the study of Italian in college. See Mr. Rooney for more information.