Walk Two Moons

By Shron Creech


When a thirteen year old girl named Salamanca Tree Hiddle loses he mother to a bus accident, she and her father move to a small town called Euclid. Shortly after, she and her grandparents engage in a road trip through the whole ding-dong country. During the endless hours of driving, Sal tells her grandparents about friend's story, in which has much in common with Sal's. Through telling Phoebes story, Sal starts to understand her own.


The characters in Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech misjudge each other because they don't "walk two moons in each others moccasins" these misjudgments are later proven wrong.

Mrs. Cadaver

Mrs. Cadaver is judged throughout the novel by Sal and Phoebe. Like on page 22 and 23, when Phoebe shows Sal how spooky Mrs. Cadaver is; " 'And that hair--don't you think all that sticking-out hair Is spooky? And that voice--it reminds me of dead leaves all blowing around on the ground.' " Phoebe judges Mrs. Cadaver based on her looks, before she even gets to know her. Another one is on page 85. " 'Maybe there's something hidden under the bush,' Phoebe said.

'Like what?'

'Like Mr. Cadaver--as I told you before. Maybe Mr. Birkway helped her chop up her husband and bury him and maybe they were getting worried and decided to disguise the spot with a rhododendron bush.' " Phoebe let's her imagination go loose at this point. She questions where Mr. Cadaver is and blames a murder on Mrs. Cadaver. These misjudgments are proven wrong when, on page 254 and 271, Mr. Birkway clears the air and tells them that Mr. Cadaver died in a car crash.

Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle is judged as a lunatic from the start. On page 43 to 45. " 'Sal, do you detect any sigs of lunacy? There doesn't appear to be any place he could be hiding a gun. His jeans are really tight. Maybe he has a knife tucked into his socks.' " This is when the girls are first introduced to Mike, and they think he's lunatic, when really, he's just looking for his mother. Also, on page 118. " It was Phoebe's lunatic, coming straight toward us, staring right at us. He stopped directly in front of us, blocking our way." Farther down it says; "Phoebe pushed him, yanked my arm, and started running." This was when the lunatic was trying to catch up to them again, but the girls were to afraid to talk because they thought he was mad. Little did they know, Mike was not a lunatic, just someone looking for his mother.

MRS. Winterbottom

Mrs. Winterbottom is first judged as Mrs. Supreme Housewife. "With the words she said, it sounded as if she was Mrs. Supreme Housewife" She rarely ever left the house, cleaned and cooked all day, and was always plain and sweet. But near the end of the book, the whole scenario is flipped on its side when "On the bench was Phoebe's mother, and she was kissing the lunatic." Now Mrs. Winterbottom is accused of cheating on her husband! The girls don't bother to ask what it's all about, and instead, jump to conclusions.


Though out the novel, the characters misjudge each other because they don't 'walk two moons' in each other's moccasins. After misjudging Mike as a lunatic, Mrs. Cadaver as an ax murderer, and Mrs. Winterbottom as a boring house wife, they realize that they shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. If everyone learned this valuable lesson, there would be much less hatred in the world.