The High Point Journal

By: Jadelynn Handsome

Breaking News

Around 3:24 on Friday November 24 on Thanksgiving day.A Grandfather past out due to a heart attack. People say that the boy was 10 years old and the Grandfather was 71 years old. The doctors said that he will be alright. The name of the little boy is Arturo. The grandpa name was Arturo also.


The Battle Between Two Brothers

Just yesterday Antanio Crus and Felix Varges went into a championship match. In the 3rd round winning with only 30 seconds left in the round the winner was Antanio Crus. He has now won 6 matches and loss 3. Felix won 3 and lost 6 matches. The boxing match was at New York.

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Arturo passed on November 13 2008 he died because of a heart attack in the nursing home in Brooklyn. He was born in New Jersey and stayed in the Island. He was a teacher in Puerto Rico. He was also a US Veteran. He left behine 2 kids and his wife of 20 years

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Dear Letters

Dear Layla

What was the purpose of Roger stealing $20.00 for the lady. Did he want to buy something for Himself or needed money really bad.

Your Friend


Dear Jadelynn

He wanted to buy a pair of a suede. He really did not need to steal $20.00 he could of ask the lady instead of stealing the money.

Your friend


Crime Reports

Jimmy Wells

Jimmy wells was arrested for stealing jewelry. His friend had caught for stealing things.He was under arrest for ten minutes.

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